• Liz Ann Rodriguez

Who are you listening to?

About a month and half ago (give or take) I received the email all Texas teachers wait for. The email with the testing results. You see here in Texas testing is a thing. No matter your stance or how you teach, somewhere in the back of your mind you know a day in the middle of summer will come when you are asked to open an email and read about how your students did on the test. In other words, how good of a teacher are you. :)

As I read the results and pondered what all I seen in the classroom, all the growth and maturity that went on within my four walls. I began to ask myself these questions.

Who am I listening to? What voices are marking my identity? Test scores or God?

Sure, I know that test scores are merely a number. That the factors that went into that day are so far and wide. But I also know I prayed over, walk along side and spoke truth to all the students who took that test.

Did I teach math? Yes

Did I teach how to handle one's emotions? Yes

Did I know that my capabilities as a teacher are not defined by the results? Yes

But I, we still needed to ask myself the question.

Who am I listening to?

I believe we all need to ask ourselves this question. No matter where you work, a job or at home. What or who is marking your identity?

What I have learned is results are easy way to mark success or failure. Test scores, one's words of affirmation, seeing a change. But the truth is the God of the universe calls us His own handy work, knows who we are, unlike anyone here on earth ever could.

Do we allow Him to mark us? Do we read scripture in a way that allows it to transform who we are? Do we turn to worldly results and comments to define us or do we view ourselves as __Insert_Name_, daughter or son of the most high?

So far, I have spent 8 hours in my classroom (no a/c I might add). Those eight hours where spent knowing whose I am and praying that over the 180 days I will spend with this group of kids. Praying that they too would know that their worth and value is found not in the things of the classroom but in a God, who loves them.

My prayer for us is that we would walk in that freedom. That we would pause and ask ourselves who is impacting my identity? Who am I listening? That we would walk in light of who God says we are.

How is God transforming your identity?

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