• Liz Ann Rodriguez

When God says YES

What happens when God says YES.

I thought I would get to this point and have some answers. I thought I would wake up in the middle of the YES and things would make sense. I thought I would experience a YES and then the NOs would have less of an impact.

I have read and heard about other YES'. I have seen God answer big prayers all around me.

But what do you do when the biggest prayer you have prayed for gets answered with a YES.

That I am not sure about. How do you rejoice knowing others are still waiting? How do you shout it from the roof tops when you are still not sure of it yourself.

Recently, I was reading in James and He talks about letting perseverance work its course that we may be mature and complete lacking nothing.

What a set of words. Mature and complete lacking nothing.

I read these words and wept.

That is the goal. To mature and find ourselves complete. Lacking nothing because of who God is and what He has done for us. What a goal. However, when I read it I realized it means we need both the NOs and the YESs. Both bring forth perseverance, courage and wisdom.

The perseverance to keep getting up when the NO is thrown our way. Perseverance to move forward when the YES comes that you thought would change everything. The courage to know the NO is the best thing you could hear. Courage to see the YES but to know it is not the end goal. The wisdom to hear the NO and not grieve for to long. Wisdom to fight for the YES to be enough.

What happens when God says YES? For me it means to continue to persevere in the midst of whatever comes next, the courage to pray for the next thing, and the wisdom see this YES for all the glory it bring to God.

YES' are hard because rarely does everyone know the NOs that it took to get there. I think we should share the story of both more.

What is your NO story and when was time God said YES?

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