• Liz Ann Rodriguez

What book are we speaking?

Recently I heard someone say that we speak about seven thousand to twenty thousand words a day. He went on to ask the question “what story are we writing with our words”.

This question brought me to my knees. You see at The Table, my church's women bible study, we are walking through the book of James. It was my week to teach on and we were James chapter 3. The topic was our tongue and how it can be a weapon of evil if not tame by the Holy Spirit.

So, when I heard the quote above, I went on to do some math and learned that if you are like me and on the high end of that word range you are speaking a 500-page book every 2-3 weeks. In the picture above you can see a 500-page book.

That image hit me hard. It hit me because I never go back and read the book I spoke. However, the words I speak are impacting myself and others in a big way.

The words we speak are making a lasting impact. They are molding lives, speaking joy or hate, impacting others, bringing hope to the darkness, and writing a story that hopefully points people to God.

James tells us our tongues might be small but if left up to their own devices they can start a fire that impacts one’s whole world, internal and external, for the negative.

So, today I am reflecting on the book I am speaking and asking the question, “is my tongue tamed? And is the book I am speaking pointing people to God?”

I ask that you reflect on the question. Let it challenge us. Let it push us into a relationship with Christ. Let it calls us to a deeper understanding of who God is and what He is desiring for our lives.

What book are we speaking?

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