• Liz Ann Rodriguez

the act of becoming

The other morning I was listening to the That Sounds Fun podcast with Annie F. Downs. She and her guest talked about the difference between doing and becoming. It really got me thinking.

What is the difference between do versus be.

"Do" is defined as perform (an action) where "be" is defined as exist.

What an eye opener that is. Do I perform or do I exist? Do you perform or exist?

When I hear the word perform. I think of me on a stage with the spot light and my favorite sound track blasting as all the people look at me and applaud, as if my singing was worth their applause. Sometimes this dream turns into a life where I act a certain way in order to get something. The applause from the crowd turns into a compliment from a friend, my favorite sound track becomes words I am looking for to ensure I completed a task well.

Performing is easy.

Existing is hard.

When I hear existing I think of walking down a New York street (I like to think I live there) waving at friends, knowing my barista and getting to my destination with little thought, because it simply is where I go. Existing as the person I desire to be. This dream looks daily like how I respond to people, do I honk at the guy next to me when he cuts me off? See, existing is simply who I am when no one is with me.

Existing is who I am when the spot light is gone.

Who are we when no one is looking and the music has gone silent. Are we women who "do" or are we women who "be"? Women who are becoming who God desires for them to be.

Leave a comment below about how God is teaching you to "BE".

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