• Liz Ann Rodriguez

somewhere between new and normal

Do you ever wonder what normal looks like? I at times find myself seeking normal only to realize that somewhere between new and normal is where I should be.

I regularly hear myself say "change happens and transformation should be our desire".

Transformation into the image of God, change into someone who looks more like Him and less like Myself.

Much easier words to say than to live by.

So why then when I find myself in "new" do I begin to doubt it all. Wonder where comfort has gone and doubt the plan.

I wish I knew the answer.

Here is what I know.

I prayed for transformation. I prayed for change. That I would not be the girl I was a year ago, a month ago, a week ago. That I would look more like Christ and less like the world.

With that comes new. Comes a fell of 'what is happening'.

So in the uncertain ground I fell like I am standing on I realized it is actually solid ground.

I will not buy the lie that the unknown is scary or unwanted. But rather I will walk in the truth that somewhere between new and normal is where I long to live.

That between new and normal are there is the peace that comes from the truth that God is in control and the solid ground I am standing on is His ground that He has gone before.

That new means something is happening and that is the hope. That normal means the new is now part of the rhythm and a new new is coming. (see what I did there, :) new new)

I pray this state of mind would last. That this would be something we all crave.

That we would all be somewhere between new and normal.

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