• Liz Ann Rodriguez

Saw Seen Sent


God saw people. He met them in the desert when home was not their direction of choice. He wrestled them in the night so they would fight with their whole heart.

Jesus saw people. I read it all throughout the text. He saw them when they reached out for the hem of His coat. He saw them when they ran to Him because of a death in the family. He saw them.

The words throughout scripture point me to the truth that if Jesus saw them, He must see me.

Why do I not believe the truth that Jesus saw people?


The truth is I am seen. You are seen.

However, at times we look around the world and act like we are alone. We walk through the doors and windows we have been called to and forget the one who brought us thus far.

We are seen. We are know.

God saw men and women and has seen us as well. We are living in the seeing. We are living in the light of the goodness of God. Yet often times I act like I am in the dark, unknown and unwanted.

I do not do well in the dark. I become unable to move freely and need to use my hands to search up and down. I wave my feet around hoping that they will gently hit something so I do not fall. Falling is rough. Maybe I have been in the room many times but in that moment all memory is gone.

I have walked seen many times. I have found the light and followed it faithfully for seasons but one moment in the dark and I forget I am seen. The familiarity of the room turns to a chill that leaves me needing something more.

Needing to be seen.

I must remind myself I am seen. I am known.

God saw and sees.


There must be some aftermath to being seen. The quake from the storm must come. The imprint of being known must send me somewhere.

Sent means walking in the light. It means finding myself in the dark, yet searching till I find the light. Sent means going where God calls. It is the effect of being seen. It is the aftermath.

So we live sent. We live in the movement. We live in the truth that God saw, God sees and God sends.


Recently I found myself standing in a room of a house. I was waiting but I did not know for what. An email came through that brought life to my breath. Days later I received a text from a friend that brought life to my breath.

Why life to breath?

Because there where moments where the being sent lead me back to the truth that I am seen.

We are seen. We must take time to see the moments where we are seen and know they led us to being sent.

Where are you today?

That is a result of how God saw you yesterday!

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