• Liz Ann Rodriguez

Platform to Arms

Once a month as a church staff we sabbath. We take the morning to reflect on who God is, what He has done and simply spend time with Him.

This morning is our sabbath for the month of March. I remember when I noticed that the Monday following HeartStrong would be a morning of rest & thankfulness fell over me. So, I thought I would spend part of my morning reflecting on this weekend.


I walked the halls with a walkie that had multiple people trying to talk to me. In my ears, I could easily hear 4 different lines of people. Not to mention the person standing in front of me asking me a question. With a smile, I did my best to answer the questions, put out the fires I could and pray that during the chaos women were meeting Jesus. This was year one of HeartStrong Faith.

For four years I would walk into HeartStrong Faith and pray these words, “God if it is ever your will, could one day I talk to all these women about the message you have laid on my heart?”. I would then go back to answering questions, speaking at a breakout and trying my best to meet all the women who steps were ahead of me in this journey. My friends would always give me a hard time, I would wait in line, I would take a photo, & ask for lessons they had learned from teaching over the years.

This year was different. This year I placed books on a table with my name at it. I walked the halls with women who knew the answers to my questions. This year God said YES.

There were a couple of moments this weekend that I hope to always remember.

1. Walking into the worship center hearing thousands of women singing out to God. Through tears, I thanked Him for thinking of me. For working in the midst of who I am. I knew I would cry; I was praying it would not be in the middle of talking about Luke 1. It was not. It was hearing the cries of women asking God to meet with them this weekend.

2. The first few steps onto the stage. Seeing all the women there. Those women were the ones for months I had prayed for. For months I had asked God to speak through me to where they were. Then seeing all of you! I pray I always remember the sea of faces.

3. This weekend I talked about Luke one and asked the question, who do you rejoice with. I walked off the platform and felt alone. The words I was able to speak were not lost on me. However, some days I struggle with the lie that I am alone. The lie that since I am not married no one wants to hear my stories and the lie that rejoicing is not something we should do.

But God is His mercies reminded me that those are simply lies.

I walked off the platform and into arms of my family who have seen and heard the prayers. I walked off the platform and into the arms of friends who have helped me combat the lies for years. I walked from the platform and into the arms of new friends who God knew I needed.

I pray I never forget these moments. The moment God said yes. The truth is this is not the first time God has said yes to my prayers, this is not the first time I have spoken to a room filled with women. However, I never want to forget it is a privilege and honor to do what I get to do. I never what to forget that we are in this together.

I pray that whatever your platform is you always have arms to walk back into. Maybe your job puts you in the front or you’re a mom so you are always in front, whatever it might be I pray God also points you to the people He has given you to rejoice with.

The platform was nothing shy of amazing, but the arms made it beautiful.

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