• Liz Ann Rodriguez

Dear Lonely,

I know you survived a 700 square foot apartment for 11 weeks alone with few friends and minor in-person interactions. Survival did not mean you were not alone. It meant you pushed past it. I know that there are moments where you are surrounded by people yet the whole time you are holding back tears because loneliness comes at the most inopportune time. I know that there are moments where you over talk hoping words stick somewhere. Loneliness breaks down your filter.

Oh Lonely, do not let these moments define you. They are nothing but blinks of an eye. They are temporary. You must think long term.

Oh Lonely, I beg you to remember what the Word says. God shows us in Deuteronomy that He goes before His people. Loneliness does not surprise Him.

Oh Lonely, think about what the Psalmist writes in chapter 94. He will not abandon His special possession. His people are His special possession. See the glimmer of hope.

Oh Lonely, what about Matthew 28? When Matthew writes that “Surely, I (Jesus) am with you always, to the very end of the age.” See the broad brushstroke of the truth.

You can survive this. Loneliness will come and go, like a wave. There will be moments you can see it coming. Armor up! There will be times it comes creeping in without warning. Be on guard! I say you can survive because I have. Because I have faced loneliness and won.

However, I want to be honest. I have also faced loneliness and lost. I would tell that version of myself. It is ok to feel lonely. To be lost in a sea of people and feel unknown. To be talking for reasons that are beyond what I understand in the moment and know that it is because loneliness is winning.

I would also tell that version of me to dig into the word. To fight for community that is more than trendy friendship with shallow conversations. To search for what God is calling you to. To pursue knowing God with everything.

In the darkest of the dark, fight. During the lonely hold tight to the one who knows you. Hold tight to the one who is fighting on your behalf. Do not loosen your grip on the one who has gone before you.

Oh Lonely, do not believe the lie the enemy is feeding you.

Oh Lonely, do not let your emotions guide your heart.

Oh Lonely, dance in the apartment. Thrive not simply survive.

Oh Lonely, cry the tears and speak the words that God is calling you too.

A story is being written within you is one worth sharing. Live boldly in the lane God is calling you to. Cheer loudly for the other as they run their race well. Speak up for the lonely because you know what it is like to walk their path.

Dear Lonely, I am walking with you and praying for you. ~Liz Rod

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