• Liz Ann Rodriguez

Dear Inadequate,

Dear Inadequate,

The times seem great, the experiences seem new or at the very least they seem big.  You sit on the other side of the table with great confidence.  You stand with a look that seems intimidating.  You are not quite certain how you got to where you are, but you know that this is not even the destination. 

Oh Inadequate, do not let these moments stop you from dreaming.  The moment where tears well in your eyes because you do not have the right words.  The moment where you doubt and question your purpose because you do not know what to do next.  The moment where inadequate crawls into your mind and you begin to think "Me. God are you sure I am supposed to be here?"

Oh Inadequate, do not let the enemy feed you the lies that you are not fit for the chair you sit in at the table where you find yourself.  Remember you prayed for this table.  Remember you longed for a seat, a square inch.  Remember God has a plan.  Remember God knows you. You were created in His image. 

Maybe it is because you have heard that you are not worthy.  You thought you heard a whisper that led you down a hole of believing you were not of the quality needed for the position you have been called.

Maybe it is because your last name seems to have failed you. It may seem simple and people may say you are overthinking it.  Here is a bit of truth, honor your last name.  Honor the journey that those before you took.  Realize that many never even thought the level of education you have was a possibility.  Realize that your name shows strength and the shoulders you stand on are sturdy.  So, stand tall.  

Maybe it is because you could not read till a little bit too late in life.  Well, you showed them.  Oh Inadequate, you will show a lot of people a lot of things.

Inadequate, let us think about John Chapter 4.  Jesus spoke to a woman.  These four words in that time, what a moment.  Her last name, we do not know it, but it would have been something Samaritan.  Talk about a last name that in that time would have meant there was no seat at the table for you. 

However, God saw her.  Talked to her.  Placed a seat at the table for her. (Figuratively but you get it) Allowed her to see she was known, worldly inadequacies and all. Through their conversation, we see salvation, life change, and revival.  We do not see inadequate written anywhere within the pages.

Oh Inadequate, you are so much more than this word.  You are more than sufficient.  You are more than able.  Not because of the efforts you have put in but because of whose you are!

Oh Inadequate, when this name crawls in let us all remember that we are actually chosen.

– Liz Rod 

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